Dr. Jeffrey Wade

Spine Surgeon

Dr. Jeffrey Wade

Dr. Jeffrey Wade is a highly accomplished Orthopedic Surgeon who focuses on performing minimally invasive spinal procedures. As a Board-Certified professional, he brings a wealth of expertise and experience to his field.
Originally hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. Wade obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the esteemed University of Alabama, Birmingham. He then pursued his medical education at the same institution, earning his medical degree and subsequently completing his orthopedic surgery residency.
Dr. Wade’s commitment to excellence and continuous professional growth led him to further specialize in Spine Surgery through a prestigious fellowship at Baylor in Houston, Texas. His areas of expertise encompass a range of surgical interventions, with particular emphasis on neck surgery and lower back surgery.
With his comprehensive skill set and dedication to patient care, Dr. Jeffrey Wade is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical services to his patients. His contributions in the field of orthopedic surgery and spine surgery make him a valued healthcare professional.

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